Calla lilies are part of the Bordallo Pinheiro’s heritage. With humour and with the correct dose of irreverence, the natural world is once again transported to the table under the shape of animals, fruit, flowers and plants.

Pitcher Spike

Pitchers - Pitcher Duck

Pitcher Dog “Perdigueiro”

Meanwhile the canine jug, with its distinctive muscular structure, sagging skin, and different tonalities, reveals the expression of a sweet, gentle dog that has great poise and alertness but also a sense of fragility and affability.

Pitcher Cat

The cat jug expresses a haughtiness and elegance of great dimension, enriched by the diversity of tones and the pattern of stripes that run throughout its body.

Pitchers - Pitcher Squirrel

Pitchers - Pitcher Toro

Pumpkin - Pitcher 1,5l



Fantasia - Pitcher 1,5L Oat

Fantasia - Pitcher 1,5L Cocoa

Pitcher 1,5L Sandy Grey

Pitcher 1,5L Aqua Green

Jarro 1,5L Bright Green

Fantasia - Pitcher 1,5L Green Olive Tree

Fantasia - Pitcher1,5L Red

Pitcher 1,7L

Pitcher 2,5L

Pitcher Anthracite

Pitcher Morning Blue

Pitcher White Antique


Pitcher Green

Pitcher Duck

A zoomorphic shaped pitcher by Raphael Bordallo Pinheiro, with a naturalist painting.

Vase with Lizzard

A piece by Manuel Gustavo Bordallo Pinheiro, who continued his father’s, Raphael Bordallo Pinheiro, work, using a lizard as a naturalist element in a more stylized decoration.

Pitcher Dog

Pitcher Owl

Pitcher Calla Lily

A model by Raphael Bordallo Pinheiro which establishes a pun between the name and the use given to the piece [in Portuguese the name of the object (jarro for vase) is the same as the flower (jarro for calla lily)], combining the practice use of the vase shaped as a calla lily.

Pitcher Rooster

Pitcher Frog

Pitcher Frog Green

Pitcher Fox

Pitcher Grapes

Pitcher Grapes Green




Pitcher 1L

Pitcher 2L

Pitcher Natural

Pitcher Beige

Pitcher Red

Tropical - Pitcher 2L

Pitcher Red