Leaf 27

Leaf 36

Chestnut Tree Leaf

A giant wall leaf. This is a model by Raphael Bordallo Pinheiro, witnessing the naturalist representation of the artist’s ceramic.

Leaf With Snail Natural

Leaf with Curvature 12 Beige

Leaf 25 Natural

Leaf 25 wih Curvuture Natural

Leaf with Curvature 25 Beige

Leaf 25 Beige

Leaf 28 Beige

Leaf 28 Natural Colours

Leaf 35 Crooked Natural

Leaf 9 Beige

Leaf 9 Natural Colours

Leaf with Bowl 28 Natural

Leaf with Bowl 34 Beige

Leaf with Bowl 34 Natural

Leaf with Curvature 12 Natural

Leaf 18,5 Beige

Leaf with Curvature 18,5 Natural

Concave Leaf 26 Beige

Concave Leaf 26 Natural

Narrow Leaf 40 Beige

Narrow Leaf 40 Natural