Martha Medeiros

Working for more than 25 years in the fashion market, Martha Medeiros owns the multi-brand boutique Maison M in Maceió.

The birth of her own brand followed a natural course, because at the request of her customers she began creating some pieces for special occasions.

In 2004, the brand got a corner in her store and, with the increasing demand of customers from all over Brazil, in early 2008, she began meeting by appointment in São Paulo.

At the end of the same year, she opened her first boutique in São Paulo, in the Bairro dos Jardins. The passion for art and handicraft Martha inherited it from her grandmother, an art teacher, and her work is distinguished by the recover the luxury of handmade cloth.

Each piece implies hours of manual work, thread by thread, the modelling technique and the styles acquired by her fashion training. Approximately two hundred women organized into lace makers’ association, in small towns, by the São Francisco River banks, in Alagoas, are involved in the process of making lace as the Renaissance, the most traditional of all, in addition to other techniques such as: fillet, Richelieu, bobbin lace and delicate Boa Noite lace, currently made uniquely on the Ferro island, in the middle of San Francisco, 320 km from Maceió (Brazil).

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“Enxame” is simultaneously a utilitarian and decorative piece of great delicacy that can be used with or without the lace overlay. A large plate, the flower known in Brazil as “glass of milk” (i.e. the calla lily) and the bees are models of the artistic and creative universe of Bordallo Pinheiro. The piece was developed from the moto that Martha Medeiros likes to defend: Believing that there is always a queen inside every woman and, as the bees work to serve the queen mother, so should every woman serves the Queen inside of her. This is also the goal of the designer - that every woman dressed by Martha Medeiros feels like a queen.