Laerte Ramos

Laerte Ramos has a degree in Plastic Arts by Faap and he was part of projects in France, Switzerland and Holland.

He exhibited in institutions such as Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam, Cité des Arts (Paris), Museu de Arte Brasileira (Faap), Palácio das Artes/Fundação Clóvis Salgado, in Belo Horizonte, and Centro Universitário Maria Antônia, in São Paulo, among other.

Among the wards he received are: 8ª Bienal do Mar – Vitória; Prêmio Projéteis, Funarte – Rio de Janeiro; Prêmio 10° Cultura Inglesa FestivalCentro Brasileiro Britânico, São Paulo; Prêmio 61° Salão Paranaense de Arte, MAC – Curitiba; Prêmio Aquisição, Lelocleprints 04, Musée des Beaux-Arts du Le Locle, Switzerland; Prêmios Bolsa de Estudos, XXIX, XXII e XXIII Anuais de Arte Faap; Prêmio Aquisição, Don Álvar Núñez Cabeza de Vaca, Mostra Brasil de Gravura.


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Furnarius Rufus

Furnarius Rufus is the scientific name of a bird popularly known as Ovenbird. This bird builds its nest using straw and dung with moist clay. The shape of the nest resembles an oven, hence the relationship between the bird and the oven. This project manufactured in the Bordallo Pinheiro ceramic factory uses a shape similar to the common icon of a house, which may be used as a bird house or not. The sculpture has ornaments that were drawn from a panel by the master Rafael Bordallo Pinheiro, containing drawings of birds in the region and cut fragments of blue tiles in relief. By adding the icon-shape of the house, the work brings together the nest, the house, the art of Bordallo, and the sculptureā€™s walls in the same colour tones of the original panel, however de-characterizing the original tile. The sculpture is suspended by cables and can be placed indoors or outdoors.