Fill your basket with fruits and vegetables


Tureen 0,55L

Box 13

Tureen 0,2L Natural

Tureen 0,45L

Box 12,5 Green

Tomato - Box 6,5

Box 28,8

Tureen 3,7L

Box 17,5

Box 27

Tureen 0,2L Beige

Tureen 0,4L Beige

Tureen 0,4L Natural

Tureen 2L Natural

Tureen 3L Beige

Tureen 3L Natural

Tureen 4,5L

Tureen 1L

Tureen 4L

Box 12,5 Red

Box 22 Yellow

Box 28 Green

Box 12,5 Yellow

Box 22 Green

Box 22 Red

Box 28 Yellow

Box 28 Red

Tureen 1,5L

Tureen 4L

Horizontal Tureen 1,5L

Box 16 Natural

Tureen 4,5L

Tureen 0,75L

Tureen 1,5L

Tureen 4,3L

Tureen 6,3L