Estela Sokol

She was in São Paulo, the city where she lives and works as an artist since 2001.

Her solo exhibitions:

“A Morte das Ofélias " at Galeria Anita Schwartz, RJ, in 2011; “Clarabóia” at the Paço das Artes in São Paulo in 2010;

" Sol de Inverno" in the Palácio das Artes in BH in 2008; "Halo" at Galeria Virgilio in SP, in 2007;

" Meio Dia e Meia ", at the Centro Universitário Maria Antonia in SP, in 2006;

" Azul " in FUNARTE RJ in 2006;

"WXRTD-320" at Galeria Virgilio, SP 2005,

“Lastro”, at the Centro Cultural in São Paulo, in 2003.

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Vai e Vem

Developed from the letterings produced by Bordallo Pinheiro to signal the streets of Caldas de Rainha, the Vai e Vem piece intends to combine the formal geometric poetics of the artist Estela Sokol with the universal ironic style of cartoons created by Bordallo alongside his naturalist search. Vai e Vem invites the viewer to transgress the common use of letterings using a game between colours and words.